Welcome to The City Vineyard

With over 2,000 wines to choose from, The City Vineyard is a store to explore!
The City Vineyard is a one-of-a-kind retail store that carries an expansive selection of wines from around the world. Our store is easy-to-shop and we organize our wines by region and varietal, all in a setting that is elegant but casual.
The City Vineyard has it all.  It is the perfect spot to dash in before a dinner party or a place to spend hours at leisure touring wines from around the world.
Wine shopping can be intimidating --- but not at City Vineyard!  Our friendly, highly trained staff is available to answer your every question and will help you navigate the world of wine.
The City Vineyard features some of the best retail wine prices in Billings. You’ll be surprised how affordable our wines are when compared to what you pay at most restaurants in the area.
For non-wine drinkers, the retail store is stocked with a number of beers crafted by the popular brewmasters in the West as well as the staff’s handpicked international favorites.
For customers looking to accentuate their favorite wine choice into a unique food experience, The City Vineyard Market is a department stocked with a full complement of seasonal cheeses, specialty food items, and other wine accessories to complete the epicurean experience.
For those that prefer to sip, taste and socialized, City Vineyard has recently opened a wine bar located next to the retail store.  Click here to learn more!
So whether you are a novice or seasoned aficionado stop by The City Vineyard and shop wines in a whole new way!
The City Vineyard is conveniently located on the corner of Grand Avenue and 17th Street West, next to our popular City Brew coffeehouse.

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